A great Monday PLR deal you won’t want to miss!

Tiffany Dow hates Mondays. And she likes to surprise people with unexpected PLR sales that brighten your day, so she launched one today!

If you go to this link:


You can pick out ANY five PLR packs on the site that you want (don’t add them to your cart, just jot down the name of the pack). That includes those $57 or $116 packs – ANYTHING.

Once you find five that you want, you just go to the category on the right sidebar called SPECIALS.

Buy that voucher for $25. (And yes, you can buy more than one voucher if you want double the PLR). Oh, and she also allows you to look at the packs that are normally priced at $5 each and combine two of them to count as one item in this sale.

Once you find your packs and buy the voucher, email Tiff at writeconsultant @ aol.com with your paypal transaction # or receipt and tell her which PLR you want!

This is perfect timing because the holiday sales are gearing up and don’t forget the weight loss resolutions that are on the horizon for New Years!

Her sale is on from now until Saturday October 8th at noon, Central Standard Time, but don’t delay because you might forget and remember when it’s too late!

If you have any questions about Tiffany’s PLR special or anything else related to PLR please let me know. I would be happy to help you!

PS. Have you had a chance to read through my interview with Tiffany Dow? You can find it here.

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