Interview with Nicole Dean, PLR Expert

Its Wednesday and time for another weekly interview session. This week we are talking to Nicole Dean, PLR expert. Nicole Dean is a successful internet marketer and the go to gal for all things PLR.

I recently got to sit down and talk to Nicole about using PLR. She shared her perspective on buying and using PLR.

**Nicole, how long have you been working with PLR?

I’ve been using and selling PLR since 2005. Back then PLR had a really bad name and it was nothing but junk. So, I decided to jump into the niche and try to stand out by offering quality rather than quantity. It worked. I’ve got a solid customer base of thousands at my PLR site who buy regularly and refer their friends. I’m very proud of what I’ve built.

**What is the difference between PLR content and content written by ghostwriters?
Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and ghostwritten articles are both options when you need web content. Each is unique in its qualities and each has its drawbacks.

Ghostwritten Articles
Ghostwritten articles are written just for your use. You own the article and can do whatever you’d like to with it.


  1. The article is unique to you and you do not share the content with anyone else.


  1. Ghostwritten articles are quite a bit more expensive per article than PLR packages.
  2. You have the responsibility of finding a good writer.
  3. The quality can be questionable.
  4. You need to check your articles to make sure your ghostwriter isn’t stealing content. Unfortunately that does happen.

PLR Articles
PLR articles are pre-written articles that are sold in packages, or as part of a monthly membership.


  1. PLR articles are much more affordable than ghostwritten ones.
  2. The content is ready, so you don’t have to wait for a ghostwriter to become available or find a ghostwriter who is available.


  1. The content is not unique. You share the articles with the other people who purchased the package or membership.
  2. You can’t submit the PLR articles to article directories.
  3. The quality can be questionable.
  4. You have to find PLR packages in your niche – or hope that the membership you signed up for sends you ones that you can use.

**Lots of people ask “Is it ethical to use PLR?” What is your opinion?
Actually I recorded a video about that exact question. You can see it here:

**What do you look for when purchasing PLR?
I look for several factors when shopping at a site that I already trust. The most important being whether I can use the content in the next month. If I’m thinking of buying it to use “sometime in the future” then I stop myself and decide whether or not it’s really a good investment for me.

As for how to know whether or not you should even consider buying from a PLR site? That’s easy.

  • Reputation is Critically Important. If there is no name or face on the site, and no one has personally recommended it to you, I certainly wouldn’t trust it.
  • Ease of Shopping. I prefer sites where I can grab what I need when I need it without being locked into an expensive monthly program where I have no idea what I’ll be getting each month.
  • Limited Quantities. If the site only sells a limited amount of each package, that’s more appealing to me.
  • The Rules. Always be sure to read the rules of the PLR site before buying it.

Of course, my PLR site meets all of those criteria.

You can check it out here: PLR Articles & Reports

**What is your recommendation about rewriting PLR?
I don’t like to refer to “rewriting your PLR”. I prefer to say “enhancing your PLR”.

I like to use the PLR that I purchase as drafts and then add more value to them. Everyone, yes, everyone has their own experiences, perspectives, and opinions about topics. Add yours to make it YOU-nique.

**What are your favorite ways to use and reuse PLR?
I have two favorite ways I like to use PLR.

  1. List Profits.
    If you have a list, you know the one thing you need is content – on a regular basis. I use PLR to create free reports that I can gift my readers with. Of course, I add value to make the reports unique, but the PLR gives me a jump start to make it happen.
  2. Bonuses.
    My other favorite way to use PLR is to add value to a product that I’m selling. Let’s say I’m selling an ebook about “How to Save Money on Groceries”. I may look for a PLR package about bulk cooking or using coupons and turn it into a bonus report. That way, I can increase conversions on my sales page by offering even more value to everyone who buys.

I hope this has been helpful. Thanks again, Pam, for inviting me.

Nicole, thanks for your great words of wisdom as well as taking some time out of your day for this interview.

Reminder: Nicole is offering a 20% discount on all orders at EasyPLR that are over $25. This is for a limited time only. There is no coupon code, the discount is automatically taken when items are put in your shopping cart.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Thank you Pam and Nicole for some great tips on using PLR :) I’m working on a product this week that started because of some PLR that I purchased, it’s definitely a great starting point for just about any writing that someone needs to do.

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