Interview with PLR Expert, Peggy Baron

Continuing along with our weekly interviews, this week I have a special interview from Peggy Baron. Peggy’s PLR site is All Star PLR. She also authors an Internet Marketing blog.

Here are some of Peggy’s thoughts on buying and using PLR…

How long have you been working with PLR?

I have been using PLR since I got serious online and that was in 2007. I realized that using well-written PLR could really save me some time and money with my niche sites.

As I became more experienced, I realized I could take the same PLR and repurpose it in many ways. Being a thrifty DIYer, this really appealed to me. :)

In 2008 I decided to write the type of PLR I like to purchase and set up a PLR shop – AllstarPLR. I wanted to give others the chance to purchase quality PLR at real reasonable prices that they could easily use.

What do you look for when purchasing PLR?
I look for primarily two things when I buy PLR – that it’s good quality and that it will serve my purpose.

Usually I look at my needs first, then search for PLR from my favorite providers that will fit those needs. For example, I might want something that I can use as a bonus for a product I’ve created and I’m about to put on the market. Or I might want a report, or articles I can turn into a report, for an optin giveaway.

I have a list of quality PLR writers that put out good PLR and I turn to them first. If none of them have what I want, I’ll search through the Warrior Forum next because I know a lot of new PLR writers hang out there. Don’t let their newness at PLR scare you away, some of them have been ghostwriting or writing offline for years and are worth giving a try. Exhausting those methods, I’ll do a Google search with my keyword + plr.

I stay away from the free packs of 100,000 articles as many of them are not well-written and they’ve been circulating the web for quite some time. If I’m checking out a writer I’m not familiar with, I’ll either optin for their free pack of articles or ask to see a sample of their work. It’s important to me that the articles were written by the provider or specifically for the provider, and the writer can write like he/she is a native-English speaker.

Now I don’t always wait and buy PLR when I need it, sometimes new PLR comes along that’s too good to pass up and it triggers an idea of how to use it!

What are your favorite ways to use and reuse PLR?
There are so many ways to use PLR, but probably the one I use the most is to simply use it for blog content. I will change it up to add my personality and to give it a purpose. It should ask the reader to take some sort of action, which might be to send them to Amazon or ClickBank through my affiliate link, click on another post, optin to a report, etc.

I also like to create my own reports from PLR. If it’s quality material, it’s easy to rewrite to make it my own and then use it for optins, to give away free to my list, or sell.

When you have your own articles, reports, ebooks and products, even if they started out as PLR, you’ve got real estate! You’ve got content you can use in a lot of different ways. I like to leverage the heck out of it.

What is your recommendation about rewriting PLR?
While you CAN use PLR without making any changes to it, I always recommend you do make changes. I encourage people to think of PLR as a rough draft. You’re going to add an example here, a story there, give it your voice, and add value to it.

If you’re not sure how to rewrite PLR or you’re a little uncomfortable with the thought of rewriting, I’ve got just the ebook for you. How To Rewrite PLR was born when I realized just how unsure a lot of people were about how exactly to rewrite PLR.

In the ebook I show people several different ways to do it and try to take the fear out of it and make it a little fun. I even include how to rewrite a report and what you can do to turn it into a product you’ll be proud to sell or give away.

Thanks to Peggy for sharing her thoughts on PLR with us. There are some real gems in her replies!


My question to all of you…

How do you use your PLR purchases? Do you rewrite your PLR?


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  1. Wonderful Interview here from Peggy. It has basic informative points that anyone can use and start their own writing niche.

    Peggy, you are always suppoting the Internet community by providing information that is useable. Keep up

    Fran A

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