Interview with PLR Expert, Tiffany Dow

If you are interested in Internet Marketing, PLR (Private Label Rights) or online content, you probably know who Tiffany Dow is. If you have not heard of her, you will want to learn more about her. Tiffany got her start writing online content for other internet marketers and became known as the “Ghostwriter to the Gurus.”

Eventually she moved on to become an expert in PLR and a full time Internet Marketer.

Tiffany’s PLR site, PLR Mini Mart boasts lots of ebooks, articles, blog posts, keyword research packs and more.

Recently I got a chance to interview Tiffany and wanted to share with you her thoughts on PLR.

Tiffany, how long have you been working with PLR?
I can’t even remember when I actually first started but it’s been several years now. What I love about it is how much it’s grown. I have so many packs now and the demand is higher than ever.

Since you started as a ghostwriter, what are your thoughts on the difference between PLR content and the content written by ghostwriters?
PLR is content that multiple buyers purchase and use. Ghostwritten content is for one buyer only. In both instances, the owners can alter it and put their name on it.

Lots of people ask “Is it ethical to use PLR?” What is your opinion?
Yes! There are so many people who simply don’t have the talent or time to write. Ethically, there’s no difference between PLR and ghostwritten content – but there’s nothing wrong with it. If you ran a major business corporation, you’d have a marketing department – someone to run the site, you’d have writers for the company, and you’d have strategists who made decisions on the direction the company takes. This is simply you outsourcing to someone for this one task.

What do you look for when purchasing PLR?
As a buyer of PLR, I want quality, period. I don’t care about the number of packs sold. I also look for attractive pricing because it should be priced right if multiple people own it.

What is your recommendation about rewriting PLR?
I like to do this:

  • Give it a new title
  • Add or alter the introduction
  • Add or alter the conclusion

Sometimes I’ll read through a PLR article and just insert my own commentary. There will be things I think of that the original author hasn’t added in.

What are your favorite ways to use and reuse PLR?
I like to use them for seeding my niche blogs. I also think they’re perfect for autoresponder emails and freebie opt in giveaways.

Thanks Tiffany for sharing your thoughts with us here at Shop Niche PLR.

Do you have any thoughts on using PLR? How would you answer these questions?

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4 Responses to Interview with PLR Expert, Tiffany Dow

  1. Angie Newton says:

    I have been following Tiffany for a while and really do like the way she does business. Just had an ahhhh-ha moment after reading one of her tips. Great interview!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve been following Tiffany for a while too and besides being a true inspiration, she’s also one of the most genuine IMers you can find out there. Interesting interview indeed!

  3. Tiffany Dow:

    I know a little bit about you, but today I read the interview and got to know you better. interviews are a great way to beknown in detail.

    Fran A

  4. Tiffany was my very first connection to Internet Marketing. Fortunately, she quickly taught me what the touchstone of IM should be. I can very proudly say I currently own everyone of her books and 99% of her PLR products (I don’t work in the being-domestic or children’s markets).

    The best part of following and working with Tiffany is the fact that she insists and teaches the correct way to use PLR -read it first, put your personal voice and writing style to it and rewrite it 70% or so inorder to make it your own.

    This is a great interview. Thank you for doing it.

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