PLR Expert Tiffany Dow Releases New PLR Ebook

If you’ve ever heard, “The gold is in the list,” then you know how important it is to be able to set up a system that captures the names and email addresses of your target audience. But the technical steps alone aren’t enough.

It’s true, many people have no idea how to log in and create a list, or manage it as they go (much less make the opt in form work on their blog or squeeze page).

But there is so much more to list building – and if you have a marketing audience, you’ll want to help them learn the ropes.

Tiffany Dow has released a new PLR eBook called “How to Build a List.”

It’s one of those special soup to nuts courses that walks the reader through every single step there is, complete with generic screen shots you can use (which won’t have her name or accounts on them).

The PLR eBook is 48 pages long (even includes a hyperlinked table of contents for your convenience) and it’s over 13,300 words.

Here is the Table of Contents for your review:

1.      Gold Versus Good
2.      List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game
3.      List Set-Up Steps
4.      Why Should a Visitor Opt In to Your List?
5.      Follow Up Versus Broadcast
6.      Install the Form on Your Blog Sidebar
7.      Install on Squeeze page
8.      Traffic and List Building
9.      Dealing With People You DON’T Want on Your List
10.     Don’t Lose All That Hard Work!
11.     Start Your List Building Journey Now!

All you have to do is download the PLR version for just $1 per page – what a steal! – and then add your name on the front, put any links you want in there (perfect for promoting Aweber), and turn it into a PDF file to sell or give away for personal use!

To find the pack, go to the PLR Mini Mart at the link below, click eBooks and Reports on the sidebar, and choose page 7. It’s at the bottom of the page :)

Even if you don’t have a marketing audience, it might be worth investing in this just for your own personal insight. Tiffany has been told again and again from marketers she promotes, that her list converted at a much higher rate than her competitors, so there could be tips you don’t know in there!


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