PLR Web Sites? Yep, these are really cool….

So I heard from my friend Jay Piecha, a.k.a.  Suite J. He has come up with a really cool new product and I wanted to tell you about it. And the timing could not be better with the holidays coming up.

His new products are completely contained PLR websites. All you need to do is grow and expand on your website, drive traffic to it and reap the rewards.

I thought you may want to learn about Jay and his expertise creating websites.

How long have you been involved in Internet Marketing? Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure can. Let’s see, besides being a music junkie and a coffee addict, I’ve been involved in some form of Internet Marketing since 1997.  I had absolutely no prior experience before working online. In fact, before 1997, I was a struggling wannabe rock star, working 9-5 as a bike courier into Toronto, Canada (You haven’t truly experienced a Toronto winter until you’ve delivered packages on a bicycle in minus 40 weather- lol). When I hung up my wheels for good, I decided to buy a computer and use that new keyboard to henpeck my way to “Internet Riches”.

Originally, I had an eBay business buying and selling collectible toys while I led a double life as a freelance web designer for about 4 or 5 years. In 2002, I landed a client who hired me to design a myriad of adult and dating niche websites. Once I caught on to what he was doing what he was doing, I decided to build my own adult affiliate sites – it made more sense than getting a one-time fee to design them for someone else, right?

Well, it turned out I was pretty good at it, and that became my full time income for about 4 years. In late 2007, my beautiful baby girl was born and I decided to sell the adult affiliate site network that I had and leave the adult industry for good. (My girl changed my whole perspective on life in general and I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing.)

So, I decided to just move into mainstream, and build affiliate sites. One thing led to another, and I started creating, buying, and selling websites that were making affiliate commissions.

Once I got more involved with WordPress, I began to crank out brand new sites and flip them. For a while, I was a bona fide website flipper, but I also still created mini affiliate sites that brought in a little passive cash flow (At the time, it was harder than I thought to transition from adult to mainstream, but I eventually made it work – lol)

Obviously you agree with the PLR model, ie. buying and selling PLR, but most PLR sites sell articles, ebooks, blog posts and the like. How did you come up with the idea of PLR websites?

Well, what happened was, my blog packages (which were mostly sold exclusively to ONE buyer at the time) had become popular and in demand. I had quickly built a customer base of people who would repeatedly buy new custom blog packages from me on a regular basis. I started doing that about 75% of my time, because I created a system of methodically cranking out several quality blog designs a week at $297-497 a piece. What I didn’t realize at first was I had actually gone back to being a “designer” except the industry was calling it a “website flipper” and seemed to romanticize it a bit. Lol

I liked what I was doing, but it started to feel like I went off track from my initial goal of building more passive income. I was in a bit of a pickle, because I didn’t want to lose the income, the customer base and the following that I had built, but I also didn’t want to have to build 20-30 blogs a month anymore by myself (it wouldn’t have been feasible/worthwhile to outsource).

So what I did was switch up the business model and my customers and me ended up with the best of both worlds. I started selling low cost PLR licenses to my blog packages. What happened was, I actually ended up making MORE profit per blog and so I could create less blogs but maintain the same income. I also gained even more customers because now I had moved into the PLR arena.

Your PLR web sites are really interesting and great looking. Can you tell us what you get when you purchase one of your sites?

Thanks, I appreciate it. I actually put a lot of thought into creating niche packages in order to create a professional design that will impress visitors, but still simple enough for my customers to edit and customize easily.

When you purchase one of my blog kits, you get a genuine done-for-you niche site package.

Each one comes with a full custom design based on the niche, including a logo and header text that is easy to you to edit without messing anything up, even if you have zero design skills.

I’ve included all the PSD files, which are layered graphic files for Photoshop that allow you to edit the site name, or any other of the graphics included (like ebook cover, ads, etc.) within minutes. Even if you don’t have Photoshop, these graphics can be opened and edited in a free tool called GIMP (

Aside from the niche blog design, each package also comes with a database that is pre-populated with content, loaded with plugins and configurations, and ready to go, functioning on your server, and looking exactly like they do on my demos.

If you’re wondering how they get onto your server, or how to edit the affiliate links, ads and other customizable theme options, I’ve got you covered there too.

I have created a 60+ page illustrated installation guide that walks you through every step of the way, and yes, it’s newbie-friendly! Many of my customers have installed their own blog within 30 minutes using my guide, despite having never done it before on their own.

To accompany the ebook guide, I also include a series of 9 installation videos that give you an “over the shoulder” view of how to use each of theme options built into the WordPress admin (no coding required!)

How much content comes with your PLR websites? How much work will need to be done to make a PLR web site successful?

Well, every blog kit comes with at least 10 articles that have been uniquely written for that specific niche package.

But that’s not all. Every kit also comes with bonus niche PLR content that you can use to add to your blog or use for article marketing and/or any other purpose you wish to help promote your blog.

Each package is different, and can range anywhere from 25 to over 100 niche PLR articles. For example, my latest Christmas PLR blog kit comes with over 230 extra PLR articles as well as a MRR ebook that you are free to sell on your blog if you choose.

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