Tip: How To Improve Website Hits

Suite J (Jay Piecha), owner and creator of PLR Kits knows a lot about creating and maintaining websites. If you have not seen the interview I did with him, you should check it out to learn more about his expertise.

Once you have your website up and running you must get content on your site. I mean what is a website with content? Luckily, if you have purchased a site from PLR Kits, you have plenty of content available right from the start. If you don’t have content or need help with some, you should look into my favorite PLR sellers.

Now you need to work on getting traffic to your site. Traffic = Sales!!!

I asked Suite J to give us one of his favorite methods he uses to get traffic. Here is what he said.

First,  choose one main keyword and focus on getting backlinks to your site using that keyword using the typical backlinking methods like article submissions, blog comments, press releases, youtube videos, social bookmarking, etc.

But here’s a tip that not everyone uses.

Once you start getting even a trickle of traffic (5-10 visitors a day or more using those typical backlinking methods), you will almost always start to notice a list of new keywords that are bringing you a few visitors here and there from Google.  People often ignore the list of keywords that only bring them one or two visitors, but there are often gems in that list that can be your moneymakers.

If you are getting visitors from those keywords, that means you RANK for those keywords already, just not very high (yet!). What you want to do is go through the list and find “buyer keywords” that have terms such as “product name”, or “review”, or “buy”, or “best”, etc.

For instance, let’s say I have a new acoustic guitar blog and I started getting a trickle of traffic after a few weeks of targeting my main keyword, “best acoustic guitar”.

Now, let’s say I checked out my keyword list in Google Analytics after a few weeks and discovered that I’m getting traffic from 60 different keywords that each brought in 1-2 visitors each over those 3 weeks.

That doesn’t look exciting, does it? But, when I see that I’m ranking for the keyword “Gibson hummingbird acoustic guitar review”, I DO get excited…

WHY? Because that keyword tells me that there’s a good chance that the visitor is in buying mode, or at least very interested in that specific guitar, but wants to read reviews to be sure that he’s making the right choice.

Also, guess what? The Gibson Hummingbird sells for $2,000 on Amazon and I’m an affiliate!

So, now what I want to do is create an SEO’d page or post dedicated to that keyword. In this example, I would likely do a review on that specific guitar.

Next, I will do the same type of backlinking campaign that I did at the beginning for the main keyword, but this time, I’m using the ““Gibson hummingbird acoustic guitar review” keyword as my anchor text and linking directly to the actual review page (i.e.; bestacousticguitar.com/Gibson-hummingbird-acoustic-guitar-review) instead of my blog’s main index page. This way, Google will begin to rank my review page and it will be the page that visitors land on when they click through to my site after searching for that keyword in Google.

You might not get as much traffic from those keywords, but you have a much higher chance of converting a visitor into a buyer if they search a product review keyword and land directly on a review for that specific product, right?

Rinse and repeat for more buyer keywords that show up in your Google Analytics keyword list.

Have any questions about this traffic tip? Have any traffic tips you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.

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